2nd Grade MItten Mingle

Second Grade at Schley County Elementary is learning about “Community Service”. This began with Mrs. Angie Brooks reading the book The Sparkle Box by Jill Hardie on November 26th. Being inspired from this book, Second Graders have been writing about ways they have sparkled by helping others and putting these writings in their class sparkle box. 

Mr. Jody Dillard, a member of The Ellaville Lions Club spoke to 2nd Grade. He explained the club’s motto is “To Serve Others”, what “Lions” stood for L-Liberty I-Intelligence O-Our N-Nations S-Safety, and how the club helped the community. Nationwide, there are 1.7 million members in this club. One of their projects is eyeglasses for those in need, as well as helping with medical bills, and obtaining seeing eye dogs for the blind. Some of our Second Graders presented and donated eyeglasses to Mr. Dillard. 

Then, several of our Second Graders shared from our Sparkle Box their writings of helping others. After that, Mrs. Mailhot explained how our “Glove Tree” which is part of our service project was adorned with decorated mittens next to the front office and announced the Service Project raised $81.00 to buy gloves for those in need. Last, everyone celebrated at a Mitten Mingle with music and hot chocolate in the SCE Cafeteria.