Schley County Elementary is ready for another great school year.  We have gathered the best faculty and staff to serve our students and families.  Our principal, Tee Reddish, assistant principal, Ann Marie Devane, counselor, Jodie Leeder, and front office staff, Hayleigh Weaver, Doris Harris, Valerie Bentley, and Vicki Teele would like to introduce you to the rest of our staff at SCE! 



Carla Barner, Hollie Taylor, Owen Dillard, Emily DeVane, Heather Harmon, Shantell Solomon & Judy McClellan



Sandra Fulks, Debra Hall, Tashawna Huff, Traci Tondee, Nicole Lusane, Megan Rockenhaus, Gina Anthony, Dee Dee McAllister & Angie Brooks (not pictured)

First Grade

first grade

Lori Fuller, Jenni Wyrick, Sarah Manucy, Courtney Matthews, Ashley Waller, Mackenzie Sizemore & Kelly Skipper (GSW Student Teacher)

Second Grade

second grade

Mandi Mailhot, Kendall Morrow, Eve Yarbrough, Robin Hall, Erin Howell & Donna Bailey (not pictured)

Third Grade


Julie Scott, Tammy Brown, Ashleigh Ginn (GSW Student Teacher), Mitzi Shufflebarger, Diane Law, Leah Clark, & Melanie Allen

Fourth Grade

fourth grade

Anna Rice, Cadie Dukes, Tawana Baisden, Rebecca Royal, Cindy Hollomon

Fifth Grade

fifth grade

Travis Bishop, Kelly Speegle, Amy Usry, Tami Colter & Tawana Baisden



Kim Hammons, Jennifer Smith, Jenny Alford, Tim Peavy, Karen Jones, & Ashley Saint

Title I & EIP

title and eip

Emma Warren, Lisa Law, & Susane Roquemore

Special Education & Speech

special Ed

Beth Kinney, Miranda Foster, Michelle Westbrook, Mollie Dobbs, Raylee Lamb (VSU SLP Intern), Courtney Jacobs, Kayla Wiggins, Maigan Yarber, Vivian Blackwell, & Brittany Morgan



Matthew James, Kiree Bell, Thomas Otto & Martha Howard (not pictured)



Lisa Young, Joy Bentley, Virga Moore & Michele Robinson (not pictured)


Cody Clements