honor roll

Schley County Elementary welcomed parents and family into our building on Friday March 25th and recognized students who earned Honor Roll for the Third Nine Weeks of school. Honor Roll categories are: Principal’s Honor Roll (95 or above in each major subject), and SCE Honor Roll (90 or above in each major subject).

Principal’s Honor Roll students each received a certificate, black ribbon, Smencil, ice cream, and their choice of an item from our Treasure Chest. SCE Honor Roll recipients received a certificate, white ribbon, ice cream, and their choice of an item from our Treasure Chest.

Way to go students of Schley County Elementary! We are proud of ALL of our students, their hard work, and dedication to excellence! Many thanks also to our incredible support team (parents, grandparents, and our community)! This was the first time in two years we have been able to have an “in person” recognition of our nine week honor roll recipients! We truly appreciate each of YOU and ALL that you do to support our school! We are thankful you are a part of SCE!

First Graders earning Principal’s Honor Roll:

Front row: McKinzie Ortiz, Grayson Brown, Teagan Gaydosh, Colby Dollar, Bella Parker

Middle row: Walker Blanchard, Hosanna Eubanks, Rushi Patel, Ashton Pritchard, Chandler Williams, Tatum Houston, Tynleigh Garcia

Back row: Gray Albritton, Hudson Britt, Hannah Peavy, Hayes Hobbs, Kaiden Perkins, Zoe Abercrombie, Toby Carswell

First graders who earned SCE Honor Roll:

Front row: Caden Stephens, Chase Greene, Averett Phillips, Montez Jones, Cameron Staley, Case Taylor, Tylee Felker

Middle row: Lydia Ingle, Kinsley Eason, Hunter Fountain, Emmett Barksdale, O’Brien Battle, Waylon English, Sawyer Usry, Hadley Hilliard, Avery Stephens

Back row: Tyler Peacock, Amelia Speegle, Corbin Shirah, Kale Barfield, Dalton Dobbs, Sue Davis, Landon Sims, Hayle Mason

Not pictured: Blake Mendenhall

Second Graders earning Principal’s Honor Roll:

Conner Manucy, Joshua Pursell, Gavin Barker, Jase Hamlin, Emory Taylor, Mallori Wurtz, Charlie Calhoun

Second Graders earning SCE Honor Roll:

Front row: Braden Picquet, Ava Simmons, Khiry Glenn, Fisher Merritt, Pat McPhail, Eli Elliott

Middle row: Jase Foster, Amelia Willis, Braxton Gordon, Kylee Saint, Vivi Albertson

Back row: Flint Melton, Ayden Ornelas, Kamden Hughes, Heavenly Way, Dalanie Wilson

Third graders earning Principal’s Honor Roll:

A.J. Collier, Cole Lambert, Gage McCorkle, Eli Rowland

Third graders earning SCE Honor Roll:

Back Row: Madyson Bailey, Blakely Betts, Chandler Bonner, Cadeyn Campbell, Paige Clark, Coleman Dobbs, Caroline Gibbs

3RD Row: Kylee Gilliam, Mack Guest, Harper Hill, Asenath Iang, Shaliah Jackson, Jessie Jones, Gracie Jones

2nd Row: Madison Lee, Reid McCord, Alivia McCorkle, Jayden Mendenhall, Kaysen Petroski, Kelliann Scott, Cooper Kanazawa

Front Row: Noah Shirley, James Snyder, Zaya Solomon, Amaya Storey, Presleigh Taylor, Lilly Tibbitt, R.J. Williams, Rylee Williamson

Fourth graders earning Principal’s Honor Roll:

Kenley Skipper, Laura Beth Dixon, Kris Patel, Paris Gable, Ana Lynn Willis

Fourth graders earning SCE Honor Roll:

Left to Right: Easton Stuckey, Peyton Albertson, Riley Nunez, Keeli Hammock, Dominic Belmont, River Watson, Mason Jackson, Cooper Holloway, Maddox Speegle, Miqueal Jones, Daniel Jordan, Cole Molina, Tyler Peaster, Garrett Streetman

Fifth graders earning Principal’s Honor Roll: Jayden Rogers, Gage Norman

Fifth graders earning SCE Honor Roll:

Front row: Clayton Hicks, Jennie Le, Isaiah Crowley, Neal Smith, Luke Murillo

Middle row: Wyatt Brunson, Shelby Wright, John Marc Albertson, Asher Bishop, Evie Welch, Lawrence Wainwright

Back row: Millie McCorkle, Marlie Rollefson, Jermaine Williams, Caidin Lusane, Taliyah Peaster, Jenna Benjamin