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Tee Reddish

Tee Reddish, about 1 month ago

The Schley County School System is hiring full-time and substitute School Bus Drivers. Applicants must have (or be able to obtain) a CDL with endorsements, required by the State of Georgia. For more information, contact Tee Reddish at (229) 937-0550.

Tee Reddish

Tee Reddish, 12 days ago

SCE will host our Honor's Day program January 17, which is this Friday. We look forward to seeing you there, and recognizing our students' success! 4th Grade 8:30-9:00 1st Grade 9:00-9:30 2nd Grade 9:30-10:00 3rd Grade 10:00-10:30 5th Grade 10:30-11:00

Jodie Leeder

Jodie Leeder, 15 days ago

In efforts to reinforce learned concepts in Science and Social Studies, students in Mrs. Waller's 3rd grade class participated in multiple hands-on opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge. In efforts to retain information throughout a Fossil unit in Science, students collected leaves around the school, and made trace fossils. Students were also provided the opportunity to become paleontologists for a day. They were given toothpicks to use as tools. Then they were required to extract as many fossils as possible during a given time frame without breaking them. Throughout the activity, students realized extraction takes patience and ease in order to keep both your tool and fossil intact. Finally, students were assigned a Native American region. They were required to create a diorama that accurately portrayed the region. It was required to include examples of shelter, food, and other characteristics of the region. Students thoroughly enjoyed participating in the various activities. view image

Tee Reddish

Tee Reddish, 22 days ago

We hope that all students, parents, and guardians had a wonderful break! Our faculty and staff are looking forward to seeing our students on Monday as we begin the second semester of school!

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